Dress shabbily, and they'll notice the dress. Dress impeccably, and they'll notice the woman.

Good MOOOOOOOOORRNNNING. #yougotmefeelinBRANDNEW #likethetagsstillonme
L a w l . #rp @tytryone
My face stayed like this yesterday. #tbt #couldNOTstopsmiling
#waitingoninezandvinoodh #butfirst #letmetakeaselfie
First day of the internship, and I’m going to Inez and Vinoodh’s studio, and I got a pair of free boots. #imean #yes
My lifeeeeeeeeeee I swear my co workers are sick of hearing me whine about this.  #themoreiexercise #themoreincessantmystomachis #icantwin
fun shoe Monday. #imsobored
@fashionbombdaily is asking who wore it better. I feel like it’s a trick question. Sorry Nong Poy, but don’t wear anything Lupita has. She’ll always look better.
Le hair.
#rp @jheneaiko
Running shoes made for terribly flat feet but have the weight and flexibility of a dance sneaker? AND they don’t look like old people shoes, as most shoes for flat feet do? #bestsneakersever
I’m so grateful to be interning for the woman who brought the cool to this photo. Havana Laffitte. Fashion editor to i-D magazine and having clients like Vogue Japan, Teen Vogue, Numero, Vogue Italia, Victoria’s Secret, Aldo, Hache, etc (!!!) under her belt, it is an honor to be able to learn the ins and outs of being a stylist in her studio. #GEEKED #firststeps #aprettygoodfirststep
Ell oh ell.


when your friends joke about something you’re really sensitive about


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